Victoria will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2020!

BulgarIan natIonal broadcaster revealed It’s act for rotterdam!

Bulgarian national broadcaster BNT has finally revealed its artist who will be flying the Bulgarian flag in Rotterdam – and it’s Victoria Georgieva!

Victoria is not a stranger to the Bulgarian music scene. She already participated in X Factor Bulgaria in 2015 and left the show in week 9.

After the X Factor she went on to release new music which was received very well in Bulgaria.

“I Wanna Know” is one of her most successful songs. It combines modern rhythms and instrumentals with a dark sound and atmosphere – the perfect combination for Eurovision!

BNT revealed its act with a stunning trailer video on In the trailer she talks about herself, about nature and about her personal life. Watch it below:

Victoria can’t wait to go to Eurovision stating:

“In the beginning of 2019, I just couldn’t imagine how many opportunities will open up for me. I am proud to be the Bulgarian artist in Rotterdam. I am privileged to be able to make music that I believe in and to have the freedom to be who I am. Being the Bulgarian ambassador on such a huge stage is a big responsibility.”

The song with which Victoria will represent Bulgaria will be revealed in March.

Are you happy wIth BulgarIa’s choIce for EurovIsIon? Tell us In the comments sectIon below.
Photo by: BNT

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