Ukraine: Eurovision 2020 participation uncertain


The Ukrainian national broadcaster UA:PBC has just announced that their Eurovision 2020 participation and the broadcast of the Olympics 2020 is in danger. 

The reason for these dangers goes back to the debts UA:PBC has since 2010 to the television channel Euronews. Therefore UA:PBC owes 10 million euros to Euronews, which they are not able to pay back currently. 

The Ukrainian Ministry of Justice has taken actions and arrested the public accounts of UA:PBC.

UA:PBC has made an announcement on their Facebook page stating:

“Now the arrest of accounts has already made it impossible to prepare for the broadcast of the Olympics 2020, is blocking the participation of Ukraine in Eurovision 2020, has stopped the launch of new Suspilne projects, in particular the launch of a new Suspilne Studio on the air of the UA: PERSHYI TV channel”

Zurab Alasania, the Director General of UA:PBC confirmed the news, stating:

“We cannot pay the trip of our participants. We cannot even pay for the hotel for the Ukrainian team.”

However hope is still not lost as the Ministry of Finance seems to agree to help to pay off the debts.

Would you be sad to see UkraIne not partIcIpatIng in Rotterdam? Tell us In the comments sectIon below.
Photo by: S. Glovny

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