2012 – 2013 temsilcileri ile gerçekleştirdiğimiz röportajlarımız

  • Romanya – Mandinga (2012)
1.Can you talk about your project ( Concerts, albums )
Mandinga is a band created 10 years ago. We have the most original mix of people and music in Mandinga. We are 4 Romanians – Elena, Alex, Chupi & Zach and 3 Cubans – Omar, El Nino, Tony  and together we feel that we are a happy family united by music.We put all of our passion in all our  songs! We are all musicians, with studies in this field. Mandinga is our life!
It’s easy to find out more about our shows now that we have a brand new site, in English also – mandinga.ro.
Mandinga is the only band with four active types of shows: Club de Mandinga, Mandinga Latin Jazz, Mandinga Balkan Salsa and Mandinga Live Cinema.
2-.How did you feel when you heard you would represent your country
Amazing! We  need to say one more time Thank you to our fans that voted for us during the Romanian Final and, after that, at Eurovision Semifinals and Grand Final.
3.Was the Eurovision time hard to you ?
It was something new and challenging. We don’t want to say that is was hard, even if we had just few hours to sleep and a very busy schedule.  It’s a wonderful experience and we wish every band to have the chance to represent their country at Eurovision.
4.Your Eurovision song was loved much, and still it is. How you made your song?
With passion J
5.Are you pleased to came 13th with 71 points ?
Actually it was 12th place for Romania and Mandinga. We wanted to be among the first, but it’s a good place for our country.  We want to say thank you to all our fans all over the world that voted for us. Now we feel that we have many new friends all over the world.  Eurovision 2012 is already history and we want to think that the next edition will bring to our country even a better place.
6.When you were on semi final, u had a problem on sound. What was it and how u felt at that moment
It was one of the hardest experiences for us. Elena didn’t hear the band or her voice because it was a problem with the sound. It’s very hard on a big stage to perform in such conditions. We received   apologies from the organizers and they were much more careful after this with the sound check for all the contestants, including Mandinga.
7.Who was your favourite song on 2012 Eurovision
We liked the winner – Loreen with Euphoria
8.What are you think about Turkey’s performance (Can Bonomo – Love Me Back)
It was an interesting show. We loved the idea. Can Bonomo is a friendly artist and backstage we said Good luck to him and he said that he likes Zaleilah, our song.  “Love Me Back” sends a big dose of positive energy and we are glad that this was observed by the Eurovision viewers and your country was on the 7th place at this edition.
9.Do you want to return to Eurovision ?
No. We want to give a chance to other artist to represent Romania J  
10. And at lastly, do you want to send a message to Turkish eurovision fans
We love you and we want to thank you for all your hospitality. We always feel like home in Turkey, one of our favorite holiday destinations. Thank you for all your votes for Mandinga at Eurovision! Happy Holydays and a Happy New Year full of happiness and good music! We hope to see you soon!
  • Hollanda – Anouk
7.What do you think about the singer “Joan Franka” who was representative last year?
I don’t know her personal but I kinda liked her. the song was nice but her nerves got the best of her so she could’nt perform as good as normaly.
8.Turkey is not gonna participate to the contest this year; may we learn your mind about that case?
I don’t know enough about it to give you my thoughts on this. sorry!
9.Would you like to say anything to Eurovision fans in Turkey from right here?
I hope you are watch anyway and vote wisely 😉

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