We had an interview with Roxen, who will represent Romania this year with her song “Amnesia”. We asked young and talented singer and she answered our questions.

-Despite the pandemic you have released several singles. How did you manage to stay productive during the pandemic, how would you describe this time period?

I tried to focus on myself, meditate, rest and do the things that I didn’t have time for till now. Also, I didn’t stop working, I spent plenty of time at the studio, writing and composing. So, during the pandemic, I was at the studio or at home.

-We loved the song you did with Alexander Rybak. How did you come together, can you tell us the backstory of the process?

Thank you very much, I am really happy that you like the song. I have always admired Alexander, he is a really talented artist and a very nice person. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to meet each other till now, but we had a Skype meeting and chats. My team made this collaboration possible and I am super grateful for this, it was an amazing experience and more than that, I am glad that the feedback we’ve received was a very good one.

-You will represent Romania at Eurovision 2021 with your song “Amnesia”. We know that the song was chosen by an internal jury. Can you tell us more about this process, will we be able to hear the other songs which were in the running as well?

Yes, this year we presented six songs to the jury and they have chosen Amnesia to be the one that I will perform in Rotterdam this spring. All the songs are really good ones and I can’t wait to have the chance to sing all of them for the people.

-If we look at the lyrics of the song together with the music video, we see a deep meaning behind it. Can you tell us the message of your song “Amnesia”?

Amnesia is a special song, which connects me to the present day. It somehow manages to give a voice to my repressed feelings and to all the people whose voices haven’t been heard.

-Is there a specific reason why this song was chosen for Eurovision if we look at the meaning of “Amnesia”?

The jury has chosen it and the reason may be because they saw this song the best one to represent Romania at Eurovision. All the songs that were presented to the jury are really good ones, from all points of view.

ROXEN (Romania 2021)

-The music video of your song is quite interesting as well. In which way did the music video portray the message of the song? How was the shooting process?

The music video perfectly represents the song and its message. I worked with a great team, Bogdan Păun – director, Cristian Miron – choreographer, all the dancers, and everyone who was there, at the rehearsals, shootings and so on, really helped and supported me with everything. It was a wonderful process that I enjoyed a lot. And I am still enjoying it, because it is not over. 🙂 Let’s say it is just the beginning.

-You would have represented Romania at last years Eurovision with “Alcohol You”. If you compare “Alcohol You” and “Amnesia”, what are the main differences of both songs for you personally?

Both Amnesia and Alcohol You are really important songs to me, they are a part of my becoming and mean something deep. They are different because their message is also different, they refer to different stages of my life, different feelings and thoughts, but I love both of them equally.

-You already shot your live on-tape performance for Eurovision 2021. How was the shooting, are you satisfied with the outcome?

Yes, we did. Everything went smoothly and very nice, I am happy with the result. But I will be happier to be on stage in Rotterdam, presenting my show live.

-What is next for Roxen after Eurovision? Any new projects and music to come?

Rest a bit, maybe a short vacation, and after that back to what I love the most, music. Of course, my team and I will prepare new projects, songs etc.

-You have lots of fans here in Turkey. Do you have a final message to all of our readers and your fans here in Turkey?

I love you all and can’t wait to have the chance to see you! Thank you very much for all your support and appreciation. Follow your dreams, stay true to yourself and always believe in what really makes you happy! Lots of hugs and kisses from Romania!

Photo by: Bogdan Petrice

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