On 29th of November, we had an interview with Chanel Monseigneur, who will represent Malta at the Junior Eurovision.

-Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m 9 years old from Mosta, Malta. I live with my mum & dad and my cute little brother Luigi. I love to sing and dance, and play the piano. But I also love to write short stories and painting. And during COVID I discovered another hobby – Cooking ! and eating too.

-How was your talent discovered?
My dad took a video of me singing and sent it to someone he knows and they told him that I should take singing lessons. I started when I was 7 and it has been an amazing experience!

-You won many contests in countries like Italy and Lithuania. How do you feel about that?
I have won my categories in Italy, Lithuania and Latvia, finishing close to Grand Prix at Latvia’s Riga Symphony – these experiences were awesome, they helped me in soooo many ways and make me more brave when I go on big stages and having large crowds – which I absolutely love!

-How did you decide to participate the national final? I have been watching Junior since as long as I can remember, so it was always my dream to try it one day, my friends encouraged me, and my cousin too who is one of the composers of Chasing Sunsets – and also a member of a local awesome band, Red Electrick.
I thought I’ll give it a try, being the youngest and my very first try I didn’t believe I could win it!

-Could you talk to us about your song “Chasing Sunsets”?
It is my first original song so definitely a very special song to me, worked with my cousin and his amazing friends so it makes it even more special.
The song is about chasing your dreams, never giving up, even when your dreams seem far and impossible to reach. Life is all about chasing even in situations like now with the COVID, one should keep following one’s dreams.

Chanel Monseigneur will represent Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020

How does it feel to represent Malta in Junior Eurovision?
It feels amazing and it’s like a dream, because as I said I did not expect to win it on my first try, even though I believe a lot in my song and performance.

-How do you prepare for Junior Eurovision?
Of course with a lot of practise, vocal sessions on techniques and on the song in particular with my amazing vocal coach Claire McCartin, she gives me the best advise and encourages me. I have a lot of people who believe in me which surely makes a difference. I also watch a lot of youtube videos of past participants and also current participants performances.

-Have you ever watched Eurovision, do you have any favourite songs?
I never miss it! My JESC favourites are Viki Gabor of Poland and our starts from Malta Destiny and Ela Mangion! Adult version I love Michela Pace’s Cameleon (Malta) and looking forward to see Destiny again next year representing Malta.

-Have you ever been to Turkey, what are your thoughts?
I’ve never been to Turkey but I’d love to visit one day, seems very different then most of Europe, hot climate like Malta 🙂 which I love; and might be able to understand a word or two as I speak Maltese too.

Photo by: PBS

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