On 24th of November, we had an interview with Viki Gabor, who will represent Poland at the Junior Eurovision. We asked Viki who is one of the favorite names.

– How was your talent discovered?

So it actually started from this mini karaoke my parents organized every night, and one night I decided to take the microphone and start singing. My parents said it’s beautiful. I took it in my heart and from that day I love singing and I can’t live without music.

– You were a contested on the Voice Kids and you got runner-up. What are you thoughts about your success.

The “The Voice Kids” was a beautiful journey and it give me a lot of new experience, and I also met new friends. I’m really happy I could take a part of “The Voice Kids 2”. That was amazing.

– How did you decide to participate in Junior Eurovision?

I decided to take a part in “Szansa na sukces” because I wanted to make my dream from the youngest age come true.

– Could you talk us about your song ‘’Superhero’’?

It’s about human power and Earth. By being together we are stronger and we are like super heroes, we can do anything to save the world.

– Your country is consider to be one of the favorites. How do you think people are reacting to this?

Well I never thought that Poland would be considered by one of the favorites because of my song. I’m really happy about that and I’m proud. That’s a very hard question but I hope they are proud of me as I am proud to be representing Poland on Junior Eurovision.

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– What do you think of Roksana Węgiel’s song and performance?

I think it’s a really catchy song and I think that her performance was great!

 – How do you prepare for Junior Eurovision?

Every day I train really hard.

– Have you ever watched Eurovision, do you have any favourite songs?

So from the smallest age I was watching Eurovision and Junior Eurovision. It’s really nice that I can take a part of Junior Version in Poland I’m really happy that I can. I can’t really pick a song because all the songs I heard so far are really nice and really good, so I can’t pick.

– Have you ever been to Turkey, what are your thoughts?

I haven’t been in Turkey before. I hope I’ll visit Turkey soon I actually have an uncle and cousins in Turkey, so I hope I’ll visit Turkey with them and I love the Turkish foods. They’re really good.

 –  This year, it will now be possible to vote online and Turkey can vote as well. Do you have any messages for Turkey or our followers?

Turkey keep your fingers crossed. If you like my song you can vote, I’ll be really happy and I hope to visit you soon.


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