On 29th of November, we had an interview with Valentina, who will represent France at the Junior Eurovision. We asked Valentina who is one of the favorite names.

Hi ! I’m Valentina and I’m so happy to answer your questions !

– How was your talent discovered?

I was discovered thanks to the TV show The Voice Kids

– How did you decide to participate in Junior Eurovision?

My manager offered me a song called “J’imagine” and then I decided to apply for JESC

– Could you talk us about your song ‘’J’imagine’’?

My song is about imagining a better world, A world where we are in solidarity with each other, A world in which we have the right to dream, to imagine…

– What do you think of Carla’s and Angelina’s song and performance?

I love both of their songs. Their song makes me wanna dance. They did an incredible performance
– Did you meet Angelina and Carla? Did they give you any advice?
I have already met Carla and Angelina. And yes, Carla gives me good advices.

– What does Junior Eurovision mean to you?

It’s really a little girl’s dream and I am truly honored to represent my country.

– Have you ever watched Eurovision, do you have any favourite songs?

Yes I have already watched Eurovision. And I love the song « Ne partez pas moi » by Celine Dion and many others.

– What are your future plans?

I focus and I give all my energy on Eurovision Junior until November 29.

– Have you ever been to Turkey, what are your thoughts?

I did not have the chance to go to Turkey but I would love to go there besides I know that there are people who follow me there.

– This year, it will now be possible to vote online and Turkey can vote as well. Do you have any messages for Turkey or our followers?

My dear fans from Turkey I adore you and I hope you will vote for me and for France !

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