It’s official: the ESC 2020 is cancelled

The offIcIal statement came from the EBU

After days of speculation we finally have an answer: the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be cancelled.

The reason for the cancel is the new virus called “Coronavirus” (Covid-19) which caused a pandemic. 

Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the ESC made an exclusive announcement on stating that it is impossible to hold the event this year because of government restrictions which is out of the EBUs hands.

Watch the statement below:

It is not yet known if The Netherlands and Rotterdam will be able to host the ESC in 2021.

We would like to ask our readers to respect the decision made by the EBU. In unforeseen times like this we have to stay together through the power of music.

You can find more information below: -FAQ-

We hope to see you all In 2021!
Source: EBU
Photo by: Thomas Hanses

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