Second rehearsal review: Sweden, North Macedonia and Ireland


The first day of the second rehearsals are here! Let’s take a look what changes the delegations made to their performances.

Tusse takes the stage for his second rehearsal

Sweden was next to rehearse. No majour changes here. They brightened the lights besides him, it’s not as dark as in the first rehearsal. However, as it is way too bright, some light effects do not work for me. I actually prefer the first rehearsal over this. Vocally he sounds great.

Vasil shines bright during his second rehearsal

Next country to perform was North Macedonia. This was way better than the first semi final. Vocally, he was on point and he felt much more comfortable this time. Not much changes for his staging, they added some more golden lights and a little bit of fog to the background. The “shine” effect works way better this time.

Lesley is telling a story during her performance at the second rehearsal

Next to perform was Lesley Roy from Ireland. This is much better than the first rehearsal. At the beginning, she’s taking a note out of the box and puts it in her pocket. The shots look more polished now and the transitions are also more smoothly than in the first rehearsal. She also has better vocals now. There is still work to do but this improved a lot for me. However, I don’t like the ending. It starts amazing but kinda ends really flat.

Photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses / Andres Putting

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