Second rehearsal review: Malta, San Marino and Estonia


The second day of the second rehearsals are here! Let’s take a look what changes the delegations made to their performances.

Destiny is delivering a strong performance during her second rehearsal at Eurovision 2021

The first country to rehearse for today’s second rehearsals was Malta. Destiny delivered a strong performance of “Je Me Casse”. The stage saw a few changes compared to the first rehearsal. The bridge of the song finally has a moment on stage: you see lots of glitter and the lights are turned down. Very effective shots there. The pyro also comes through more effective now. Additional lights are added to the performance. The biggest change was Destiny’s dress. She now wears a silver dress. Overall, this was such an improvement from the first rehearsal.

Senhit delivers an energetic performance during her second rehearsal

Next country to rehearse was San Marino. Little changes compared to the first rehearsal. At the beginning, she has pics of Flo Rida and pics of question marks on her costume. In one part she screams: “Are you ready to feel Flo Rida with me Rotterdam?”. So I assume that we will get to see him in Eurovision. Overall, the graphics did change a bit and additional lights are added to the performance. This was great and energetic, just as in the first rehearsal.

Uku delivers a very dark performance

Next up is Estonia. No majour changes compared to the first rehearsal. They added a few more lights and improved the LED floor content. Also, now we can see him jumping into the water more clearly. However, it is not as effetice as in the national final performance. Overall this was ok, but not strong enough to make it through I guess.

Photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses / Andres Putting


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