Second rehearsal review: Georgia, Albania and Portugal


The third day of the second rehearsals are here! Let’s take a look what changes the delegations made to their performances.

Tornike delivers an atmospheric performance during his second rehearsal at Eurovision 2021

The first country to take the stage was Georgia today. No majour changes compared to his first rehearsal. The stage feels brighter, the LED content comes through. Also they did more close-up shots focusing on him. Vocally he is better today but still not 100% there. This is staged very well but I don’t think it will make through. It’s not impactful and appealing enough.

Anxhela is serving during her second rehearsal at Eurovision 2021

Next to perform was Albania. I see majour improvements here. Anxhela delivered a visually and vocally stunning performance. Even though she’s alone on stage, it does not feel empty. The graphics behind her are more effective now. In some parts we see Anxhela all colored in red with amazing visuals behind her. There is fog coming towards the end of the song and the graphics change to more golden colors. Really, really good performance. Will surely qualify.

Portugal delivers a very classy second rehearsal for Eurovision 2021

A slick performance from Portugal once again. No changes compared to the first rehearsal. This already looks finished and ready for the semi final. The visuals are captivating and successful in delivering the message of the song. A great performance overall.

Photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses / Andres Putting

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