Second rehearsal review: France, United Kingdom and Spain


The fourth day of the second rehearsals are here! Let’s take a look what changes the delegations made to their performances.

A stunning performance of Barbara Pravi during her second rehearsal at Eurovision 2021

France was next to rehearse. A few changes compared to the first rehearsal. They used more effective lightning on Barbara and also you can see the stars on the LED floor more bright now. The camera at the end of the performance feels less shaky now. This looks good and is still a strong contender to win.

James Newman lights up the room during his second rehearsal at Eurovision 2021

Next to rehearse was the United Kingdom. They added more lights into this now. In the part where James sings “Light up the room!” the arena is packed with hundreds of lights moving. It looks really good. The trumpets are also more colorful this time and the general staging feels more slick. Vocally he was better today.

Blas delivered an emotional performance during his second rehearsal at Eurovision 2021

The last country to have its second rehearsal today was Spain. No majour changes here compared to the first rehearsal. They added a few more lights. Other than that it’s pretty much the same. Some camera shots were off, they need to fix on that. Overall, it was a good performance.

Photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses / Andres Putting

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