Second rehearsal review: Belgium, Israel and Romania


The first day of the second rehearsals are here! Let’s take a look what changes the delegations made to their performances.

Dark and mysterious – Belgium’s Hooverphonic own the stage

The first country to rehearse after the break was Belgium. No majour differences here compared to the first rehearsal. They just fixed some camera angels. Everything is already finished here. This is ready to go to the live-shows. I don’t have any complaints for this – this might be a dark horse.

Eden Alene rocks the stage during her second rehearsal at Eurovision 2021

Next up is Israel. Eden wears her crown from the beginning of her performance, so there is no crowning moment at the end of the performance. Vocally she was okay, she missed the first whistle note. But other than that she hit it every time. I don’t have any doubts that she will hit it in the live shows as well. The stage is quite similar to the first rehearsal. They fixed a few camera cuts. Overall, this is a well choreographed performance. However, I’m uncertain whether it will make through to the grand final. I think it’s not impactful enough to say that this is a sure qualifier.

Roxen delivers a performance full of choreography

Next to perform was Romania. Compared to the first rehearsal, they added a few more lights towards the end. Roxen does not move as much as in the first rehearsal today and you can see that this impacted her voice. She was better vocally today than in the first rehearsal. But still her vocals were shaky and she was out of breath in some parts. I think they need to adapt the choreography to her voice. Not sure if this will qualify, my tendency is towards a no.

Photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses / Andres Putting


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