Netta talked about Eurovision


Netta talked about Eurovision

Netta made an interview with Algemeen Dagblad and made statements about Eurovision. ”Winning the Eurovision is not only fun, but also blaming and frightening.” she said.

– What do you think about Madonna’s Palestinian flagged message during her Eurovision performance?

I have always been clear about this: Eurovision is not the place for political messages. Politics are dividing people, but the Song Festival is there to bring people together. It may even be the only show where people from different countries come together with different political ideas, different beliefs and sexual preferences. And this meeting was certainly achieved even in Israel, where everything was always tense.

– We don’t see your prize anywhere. Do you still have it?
I don’t have it in my living room because it’s too big. There’s under my clothes in the bedroom.

– Do you have communication with the other winners of Eurovision?
No, but we meet at concerts. I remember Conchita Wurst. I know Loreen and Alexander Rybak.

– Can you tell us more about your song “Toy”?
This song wasn’t mine, but it was my choice and it was written especially for me. I wanted to sing this song because it looked so good on me. It was just music and it was fun. I was very surprised with the reactions. Of course I couldn’t understand in any way that a beauty ideal in brightness, video clips and TV shows was unsatisfactory, I became the role model I wanted to have when I was nine. I received several letters from women.

– What did they say on the letter?
I will always remember one special letter. I remembered a British woman who told her story in court in front of the man who raped her. She wrote that she always listens my song while traveling on the seat in the car and that was very special to me.

Photo by: Thomas Hanses

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