First rehearsal review: Ukraine is serving futuristic staging


The first country who performed after the break was Ukraine. Go_A took the Eurovision stage to rehearse for the first time. And we have to talk about it!

That performance was chaotic, but in a good way. It had so many elements which all match with the futuristic vibe and staging.

Go_A performs on a white platform with some trees on it. They all are on that platform which create an intimate atmosphere.

In the first shot we see the lead singer and behind her the sun is rising. The shot is very impressive, the golden sun and her green outfit match perfectly together.

Next to her we see two dancers who hold white circle lights in their hands. They move with them quite a lot. The LED visuals showcase a very futuristic dystopia kind of imaginary. In one part the screen is split into three parts, with the lead singer and the two dancers.

Overall, the staging is dominated by golden and blue colors and visuals.

During the breakdown of the song, the two dancers are holding sand and have their circle lights on them.

The charisma of the lead singer sells the performance. It’s really energetic. Each second of the performance is thought very well.

At the last chorus we see lots of people running at the LED screen. The song ends with her high note and a golden sun rising behind her. The dancers hold the circle lights above her head. She looks like an angel in that shot.

I think we will see Ukraine in the final on Saturday.

Thumbnail photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses

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