First rehearsal review: North Macedonia uses augmented reality


After lunch we are back with Vasil from North Macedonia who just performed “Here I Stand” on stage during his first rehearsal.

The performance starts very dark with the focus on Vasil. You can only see half of his face. Augmented reality is being used on Vasil’s body. A golden circle with sparkles appears on his body.

The stage turns orange-goldish when the song progresses. At the end, he reveals his full costume and you can see elements from Dotter’s “Bulletproof” performance from Melodifestivalen. However, it appears to be less effective than Bulletproof. I guess they will solve that in the coming rehearsals.

Vasil saved his voice for today, he did not sing the high-notes. Backing vocals are pre-recorded. No wind machine, smoke or pyro included.

Overall, I think they made the best out of this song. I still think that it’s a definite non-qualifier.

Thumbnail photo credit: EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

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