First rehearsal review: Malta’s Destiny delivers an eye-catching performance


And here we are, Malta was the last country who took the stage for today’s first rehearsals of Eurovision 2021.

The stage is dominated by pink and white colors. In addition to that, we also see pastel yellow colors. Destiny wears a pink outfit which matches with the overall staging.

The performance reminded me of Luca Hänni in 2019 but only in pink instead of red. We had these box squares and also a little hand choreo appears on the screen during the chorus. You can see that Sascha Jean-Baptiste staged this. A lot of elements which she previously used in her Melodifestivalen stagings.

Vocally, Destiny sounded amazing. But the performance did not scream winner to me. It was a bit too casual for me. Camera work was fine.

Thumbnail photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses

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