First rehearsal review: Italy does a death drop


Italy is the first country from the Big 5 to have their first rehearsal for Eurovision 2021. And what a rehearsal that was.

Italy is on point this year again. The performance starts with the camera moving into the stage behind the LED screen. They have brought a platform with some lights on it. The drummer is playing on the platform and later on the lead singer joins him there. The guitarist is at the side part of the stage. Lots of quick camera shots and we get an arena shot at the end of the performance. The LED screen is mainly the shadows of the band. At the end of the performance the lead singer does a death drop and you can also see a shadow in the LED screen which makes the same.

Get ready for tons of pyro at the end. That ending was lit.

Vocally they were amazing. The lead singer performs shirtless, the other ones are dressed up amazingly.

This feels so energetic. Despite the first rehearsal this looks already fantastic. It will do really well.

Thumbnail photo credit: EBU / Thomas Hanses


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