Hooverphonic respond to criticism

HooverphonIc respond to crItIcIsm to theIr song for eurovIsIon

Belgian national broadcaster VRT is in charge for the Belgian entry for the ESC this year and they made us all excited with their choice to select Hooverphonic as the Belgian representative for the ESC 2020 in Rotterdam.

Hooverphonic revealed their song for the competition “Release Me” early today at MNM – a famous radio station in Belgium. However soon after the reveal, the Belgian media outlets and music industry professionals criticized the song for being too repetitive and monotonous. 

One of the critics was also that the song “doesn’t fit to Eurovision at all”. Hooverphonic made clear that this was their intention, stating:

“We clearly opted for a Hooverphonic song and not a song that was specially made for Eurovision and that would no longer sound like Hooverphonic.”

Hooverphonic added that they only said yes to Eurovision because they were allowed to stay themselves.

Alex Callier, a member of Hooverphonic went on further by stating:

“People often call Eurovision “a circus of bad taste” and don’t understand why we participate. In the circus of bad taste there is also room for a pearl. Our mission is just to be different.”

The group cannot understand and agree with the criticisms:

“The people who are critical now, I don’t think they’ve been watching Eurovision for years. In recent years, things have really changed there. Look at Salvador Sobral or Blanche, those are also atypical songs that did well.”

The Belgian ESC 2020 representatives also responded to the criticizms that the song is “too monotonous and repetitive”:

“Those people got stuck in their youth. Songs like those from Sobral or Blanche also don’t have a lift and yet they also scored very well. And moreover: where is the lift in pop music? You don’t need large power ballads anymore. We want to do it with small emotions.”

Being asked about the staging Hooverphonic teased that the staging will be clear, simple and sober and that the clothing will be traditional Belgian.

What do you thInk about the crItIcs and HooverphonIcs reactIons? Tell us In the comments sectIon below.
Source: vrt.be

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