Germany: National final very unlikely

Is Germany droppIng Its natIonal fInal?

ESC-Kompakt reports that German national broadcaster NDR has decided to drop its national final “Unser Song Für” but didn’t communicate the decision externally. 

There are several indicators that we won’t be able to see a German national final. One of them is that the national final, which was usually held in the end of February, is not listed in the program schedule in February of ARD, the German national broadcaster which always broadcasted the show. It is unlikely that a national final will be held in March as all the delegations have to submit their respective entries with all staging details on the 6th of March. 

ESC-Kompakt also reports that the 100 Eurovision juries, which were selected by NDR didn’t hear anything from NDR lately. Some of them even got informed that there will be no national final this year. 

It is likely that Germany will go the same way as Switzerland did last year. Swiss national broadcaster selected the artist and song internally through several processes. 

An official confirmation is yet to be made by NDR.

Would you lIke to see an Internal selectIon from Germany? Tell us In the comments sectIon below.

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