July 12, 2024
Barbara Pravi answered our questions

We made an interview with Barbara Pravi, who will represent France at this years Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Voila”. We asked her all the curious questions.

-Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Hello, My name is Barbara, I’m French, I am borned in Paris, and I still live there!. I’m a singer, writer, composer of 27 years old and 1m59 tall!

-How was your talent discovered?

When I was I child I sang all the time. I grew up, I tried to study law but it wasn’t for me so I decided to try to live my passion.

-In 2016, you took part at the musical “Un été 44”. How was this experience for you?

It was kind of magical. Because it was my “first time” for a lot of things. First time on stage in a professional show (sometimes we were playing 2 representations per day) It also was my first time acting, and cherry on top, I was singing an original song from Charles Aznavour.

-You composed two songs for France at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. How did this journey start?

I worked with my friend Igit for the two songs of the Eurovision Junior song contest. At the begining, we learned that France Television was looking for a song for Carla, to represent France at the contest. So we decided to do something, but something more “original” than a basic song for childs. Carla is a special girl, she needed a special song. She is full of joy, clever, and very “girly” at the same time. She laughts all the time, she dances….

Eurovision 2021: Le clip de « Voilà », la chanson de Barbara Pravi, est en  ligne

-You composed several entries for Junior Eurovision, now you take part as a singer in the competition. Is this difficult for you, how would you describe the differences personally?

There’s ONLY differences. First Eurovision junior is a competition for childrens, and it’s VERY different to do a song for someone, or to sing a song that you wrote and compose for yourself.

When i write for Carla or Valentina, this is totally different than for Barbara Pravi. Of course there is a part of me in these songs, but these are songs written for someone else.
Taking part as a singer at the Eurovision Song Contest is a very big step in my life. From shade to light!

-How did you decide to participate to “Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez?”

I knew that I was ready to try and France télé was very good and sweet with me. I thought: ok, I want to do this, but I have to do it staying myself, with my song, my
outfit, my universe. And we did it with my team ant the Eurovision’s team!

-Could you talk to us about your song “Voilà?”

“Voilà” is a song about affirmation. It is a powerful song counting my story of « a little simple singer », but it says please, I beg you, I need you to exist, I need you to listen to me. Because, if you are not here, I can’t « be ». I only have my eyes, my hands, my rage, « this is what I am », entirely, and deeply.

-Your stage performance is quite successful. Are you going to change something on it for Rotterdam?

You’ll see!;)

-You are one of the favorite countries this year, what do you think about it? Were you expecting such nice reactions?

I’m so happy to see all the kindness around me, all these beautiful messages. People send me power and love, it’s absolutely crazy !! I wasn’t expecting anything, I
was kind of afraid because « Voila » is a very special song for me, it means a lot. So i’m very grateful for all this.

-Have you ever been to Turkey, what are your thoughts? Do you have Turkish favorite Eurovision song?

Actually I’ve never been to Turkey, but it is a dream because I used to have a good friend, who was born there. She told me « techekule » And you gonna kill me but I only know Tarkan in Turkish singers.. sorry !

-You have lots of fans here in Turkey. Do you have a final message to them?

I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU, visit your country, learn more about the culture, the music, the art, and share your experiences with mines. I hope we will travel soon. Thanks for listening to Voila, thanks for this interview, and looooot of kisses from Paris!

Photo by: Cyril Moreau