We had an interview with Vasil, who will represent North Macedonia this year with his song “Here I Stand”.

-The Eurovision Song Contest got cancelled last year due to the pandemic. What was your first reaction when you got to know that the contest was cancelled?

I was devastated but not hurt/angry because Covid cancelled it. It cancelled and stopped the world. It was out of our control.

Of course I thought it was unfair that we’ve worked so hard to get here and we lose our chances to represent our country and show who we are!

-You already have some Eurovision experience. In 2019, you were the backing vocalist of Tamara Todevska. How would you describe this journey, in which ways do you think will it help you for Eurovision this year?

It was the best dress rehearsal one could ask for. It also confirmed to me that my wish and desire to do the contest is meant for me and that all of my life experience has prepared me for that event and stage.

-In February you released your brand-new track “SudBina” and fans loved it. Can you tell us more about the song, how do you identify yourself with the song?

This was submitted last year for the contest but was without lyrics and completely different arrangement. I fell in love with the melody and couldn’t stop singing it. I knew I was going to use it. The text is my life journey or ones life joruney from the cradle to the stage. Very powerful and full of love and light. It is the main song to my album and was also in the running for ESC 2021 but Here I stand was chosen. (Very very happy about that!)

-You will represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2021 with “Here I Stand”. What is the meaning of the song, can you tell us more about the backstory of it?

It is a song that celebrates personal achievements, positivity, and success. We all have been through hard times … this focuses on the good that comes from it all. Yes there is pain and hardships in life … but there comes a time when we look back and we just smile and celebrate. Here we stand together as one heart through music.

-After you have released the official music video to your song, there was a petition against you. The Bulgarian and North Macedonian governments even made an announcement regarding this topic. How did you deal with this situation, how did you feel about the petitions?

It is an unfair situation that I do not wish upon anybody. Threats and cyber bullying was not fun…. it’s just sad to see so many unhappy people full of darkness. We have all been through so much this past year and instead of focusing on the good and celebrating, people wanted to bring me down so they can get likes and views on their portals. I am so grateful for my Eurovision family and supporters that stood behind me, and yes the justice won.

-There were lots of fans supporting your participation at Eurovision, they even made their own petitions to see you at Eurovision. How do you feel about the support you got from the Eurovision community and your fans?

It really is family. I remember when I posted my “Voice for the Voiceless” tweet. The love was unreal.

It is easy sometimes to let darkness come in … but the Eurovision fans … Eurovision family stood with me which inspires me to stand up there and just sing my heart out and silence the hate with love.

Vasil (North Macedonia 2021)

-You would have represented North Macedonia last year with “You”. If you compare “You” with “Here I Stand”, what are the main differences for you personally?

Oh my. Night and Day!! Tho they go nicely together – first we spend that special moment and ignite on the dance floor followed by … here I stand … or lie down hehe.

Jokes aside. Fast and slow. Here I stand is all live instruments.

-You already shot your live-on-tape performance for Eurovision 2021. How were the recordings, are you satisfied with the outcome?

I admit at first I was a little mad why we had to record at the beginning of March but it ended up being such a gift and present. Who gets a dress rehearsal 2.5 months before the actual show!?! Now we know what we need to fix and tweak before the big day comes. I am very content and satisfied and Team Serbia was very very welcoming.

-Many fans wonder how your stage performance will look like in Rotterdam. Can you give us some details, what can we expect from your staging?

Nice try 🙂 – patience is a virtue but I can tell you one thing … there will be magic.

-You have lots of fans here in Turkey, do you have a final message to them?

Yes. Türkiye Ben Burdayim, kalbimizi açalim ve beraber benimle şarkı söyleyin. Sizi çok serviyoree…

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