July 20, 2024
Eurovision 2021 Ingilizce

Australias performance in Rotterdam still uncertain

Australias performance in Rotterdam still uncertain

Some of the Eurovision Song Contest situations remain unclear. It is not yet known whether all Eurovision representatives will be in Rotterdam next month. In the known scenario, it is known that all delegations will come to Rotterdam. But for some participants, this can be quite a difficult situation.

Eurovision 2021 producer Sietse Bakker said Australia’s participation was still not certain.

“Australia’s involvement is difficult because there are strict travel restrictions because of the situation we are in. We hope to hear more information soon.”

Bakker noted that “for delegations from Europe;’Everything is much easier, especially for countries within the EU. It means that almost all delegations are now waiting to perform here.’

The Ministry of Education and Culture, the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest, received a privilege on this occasion. Participants were thus allowed to come to the Netherlands despite travel restrictions.

Source: RTL Boulevard