Vasil answered our questions


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Vasil answered our questions

We had interviewed with Vasil, who were about to represent North Macedonia in Eurovision 2020 with his song “You”. 

– Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, how did your talent discovered?

I started singing professionally at the age of 7. I was discovered as a child star back home. To this day one of the songs “Marionka” is a Macedonian evergreen that very child grows up with.

– When did you move to the US and how did you continue your music career there?

It was in ‘97 when my whole family moved there. It all started when I joined a choir class. The teacher became a mentor of mine who took me after school everyday – taught me English and played all kinds of music for me. By joining the Chicago Children’s Choir with her I got the experience to sing with all the A stars in music and the most famous venues in America.

– Can you tell us a little bit about your song “You”?  

The song YOU is an invitation to celebrate yourself through dance. We all go through so much in life that there comes a time when you stop, think, and say to yourself: you deserve a break … now let’s DANCE!

The song has eastern and western elements with a modern flavour. I wanted that to be the main focus of it and I think the composers did a beautiful job writing and capturing it.

– Your music video is very successful. Would you tell us about your music video?

We wanted an unusual and conceptual music video so we can have a tabula rasa when it came to staging the song. The back story is that it is the morning after a very long night out. Everyone is tired, down, sad … and then a change happens that says … it takes one to make a difference and start a cycle of something positive.

– In 2019, you were singing as a back vocalist for Tamara Todevska. How did it all started?

Funny story. We all know each other from music world and I was in contact with them while they were recording the song. I heard her and said I MUST help you with your English, so it doesn’t sound Macedonian haha. I went to the studio while she was recording it and at the end she said go in and record because I’m taking you with me! It was the best gift anyone could give me. To experience Eurovison from the inside not as the main artist.

– How did your 2020 Eurovision adventure begin?

By a phone call for a meeting from Meri our Head of delegations. January 7th, a date I will remember and cherish. Then I announced it on the main news on January 15th and we had an open call for song submission until February 1, where over 250 songs came in.

– After all this which kind of projects are you gonna have in the future?

I am focusing on a Macedonian album as well as an English EP. I love to sing and share my story with my voice. The more people I get to do that with and for the happier I will be.

– Eurovision 2020 is cancelled. How do you feel about that and do you consider to be an attendant again in 2021?

Heartbroken but given the current circumstances … this was the best decision. Health is wealth and we must focus on that at the moment. Music is the first to come and first to go in a time of crisis. It heals us all and it is the one language we all speak … music. It is universal. If asked to go I would love to get the chance to represent my country in 2021.

– What do you think about Turkey? What is your favorite Turkish Eurovision song?

I love Turkey and would love to explore it more. I have been only once to Izmir/Kusadasi. Istanbul is on my dream list of places to visit. I am big Bülent Ersoy fan. What a diva with a message!! Athena is one of my favourite and of course Sertab has a special place in my heart.

– Finally, do you have a message to our followers?

Believe in yourself, surround yourself with likeminded people, and don’t ever give up. We are stronger together!

The more good people who want to do good stick together … the less room there is for the bad ones to win. I love you!!

Photo by: Martin Trajanovski





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