We had interviewed with The Roop, who were about to represent Lithuania in Eurovision 2020 with his song “On Fire”.

– How did “The Roop” come together?

Robertas: I think just right people met in the right moment who have a dream and was in love with music creation.

Mantas: The band came together through a series of fortunate events. Some of us knew each other from before, and at some point in history it was a good moment to start something new which grew into THE ROOP.

– The name of the group is interesting. Can you explain why the group’s name is The Roop?

Vaidotas: We had around 100 different names for the band to choose from. But none of them were good enough. So, we asked one friend who was good with words for help. After discussing our concept as a band, she suggested the name “The Roop” – an archaic English word meaning ‘to shout’, ‘scream’, ‘to cry out’.

– How did you decide to participate the national final?

Vaidotas: Talking about “On Fire”, from the very start I felt that we had an international hit. So were nothing to do just to take part in National Selection.

Robertas: Well we thought Lithuania has a great chance to win ESC in 2020 with “On Fire”. So, we just can’t miss this chance.

Mantas: Exactly, we just felt our song can win this year.

– You won the Lithuanian national final “Pabandom iš naujo!” with the highest point. You have the record. What do you think about it?

Vaidotas: It feels good, I don’t want to hide it. It means, that people understand us.

Robertas: It’s proof of how strong the song and performance were.

Mantas: It felt that for the first time all Lithuania was united and chose what they liked.

– Your song is called “On Fire” can you tell us more about it?

Vaidotas: One of the problems which are still broadly tolerated in this world is ageism. What I mean is people are too often judged based on their age and not their abilities. So, with this song we try to fight this status quo.

– Choreographies in your performance are very popular. How did this idea come up?

Vaidotas: I wanted to have not only significant melody, but to make a significant dance. My idea was to create something so that people could relate dance moves to the song. So that moves would represent the song. Then I met professional choreographer Marijanas Staniulenas and together we’ve built the dance.

– You are one of the favorite countries this year, what do you think about it? Were you expecting such nice reactions?

Robertas: I think we had a great chance to win Eurovision 2020.

Mantas: Honestly, I did not expect such huge positive reaction, but, looking back, our performance had everything – a catchy tune, easy and memorable dance and great visual appearance on stage.

– Eurovision 2020 is cancelled. How do you feel about that and do you consider to be an attendant again in 2021?

Vaidotas: Will we participate in the National Selection? We do not know yet. We haven’t made the decision and I don’t think we will any time soon.

Robertas: It’s a sad feeling for us. On the other hand, I hope everything will be alright for people in these complicated times.

Mantas: We have not yet decided what our plan for 2021 is.

– What do you think about Turkey? What is your favorite Turkish Eurovision song?

Vaidotas: I don’t have one particular favorite song of Turkey. But I like the country itself.

Robertas: It’s “Deli” with song “Mor Ve Otesi” from 2008, Athena with song “For Real” from 2004, Manga “We could be the same” from 2010, and of course Sertab Erener with beautiful song every that I can” from 2003.

Mantas: Athena is my favorite Turkish band.

– Finally, do you have a message to our followers?

Vaidotas: Everything is just waves. If you’re at the bottom of the wave, know that you will just get up on top of it soon. Because everything is rippling and everything is constantly changing.

Robertas: Stay safe! Don’t forget to dream.

Mantas: You are never too old to do what you want!

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