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On Eurovision 2020, Alicja was about to present Poland with their song “Empires”. We had an interview with Alicja.

– Could you tell us a little about yourself, how was your talent discovered?

I’m 17 years old, Im a high school student and in my free time I love playing the piano, reading books, watching movies/series and traveling. I started my music journey when I was about 5 years old in the kinder-garden. My teacher Ms.Kasia gave me microphone and it stayed with me till now.

– You won ”Hit, Hit, Hurrah!” and ”The Voice”. How did you come up with the idea of participating in competitions?

To be honest I’d never thought about participating in such huge TV shows. This was my parents and my vocal choach’s idea. 

– What are you plannıng to do for your musical career progress after Eurovision? Do you have any projects?

I’ve got big plans and big dreams but İ will have to face them with reality. My biggest dreams are to stay true to myself and release my 1st album! İ have a lot of upcoming projects.

– Which singers do you follow ın generally, are there any names that you take as an example?

I have a lot of artist that I appreciate and look up to, but my biggest idol is Beyonce. She is my absolute queen and singing master.

– How did you decide to partıcipate the national final?

After The Voice victory I wanted to face myself with new challenge.

 – Can you tell us a bit about your song “Empire”? My song is about us – humans. We build and destroy the world around us, our empires. You may ask what empire is? It can be anything You can imagine. It can stand for: our world, environment, relationship etc. Human being is a builder and destroyer at the same time. – What do you think about 2020 Eurovision songs? Are really good and strong songs. 

– What do you think about Turkey? What is your favorite Turkish Eurovision song?

Turkey is a beautiful country with friendly people and great cusine. Turkish food is very popular in Poland. I don’t have my favorite Turkish Eurovision song because I like them all <3  – Finally, do you have a message to our followers? Open up Your hearts, spread love. 






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