We did an interview with Rasmussen who will represent Denmark on Eurovision!

– Can you just talk about yourself ?
I’m 33 years old, living in a small city in Jutland with my wife and two kids. I’m a singer/performer and teacher and love this combination of work, since I get to both entertain people all around Denmark and teaching young aspiring musicalstudents how to perform and sing.
I’m a Beatlemania and a big admirer of 80s Hair Metal, which I actually wrote a master thesis about 🙂

– How did you decide to participate the National Final?
I was contacted and asked to audition for the song. I send in a video of me singing it, they liked it, so they offered me the part.

– Your song is called “Higher Ground” can you tell us more about it?
It’s inspired by the story about the Viking Magnus Erlendsson, an actual historical figure who lived a thousand years ago. He refused to pick up the sword and fight, and tried to take a step back and show that the problems could be solved non-violently. The message of the song is to encourage people to listen to each other and solve conflicts without anger or violence, because I believe that there is always a peaceful solution to every problem If you meet people with an open mind and arms open instead of crossing your arms and shutting your ears.

– How was the song selection process?
Your stage show is very successful. Can you tell us about how did this idea come up?
We wanted to really create a visual look that connects with the sound of the song. And we wanted to highlight this unity of the five of us on stage with me as the frontrunner of this more peaceful take on vikings.

– People think you look like Kristofer Hivju from Game Of Throne. How do you feel about this?
I have absolutely no problem with it. I love Tormund, so for me to be compared to this great actor is just fine. I’ve always had long hair and beard, so I’ve.

Facebook: @rasmussenofficial
Instagram: Bonjonesy

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— Eurovision 2018 (@Eurovisn_Turkey) 7 Nisan 2018

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