We did an interview with Julia Samoylova who will represent Russia in Eurovision!

– A few things had happened in Ukraine last year. What do you think about this?

Last spring I hoped until last minute everything would be ok and I would take part in the contest. And I was a bit upset when I saw that my disqualification was not a joke. But I’m used to meet all the things in life like in a saying: ‘What is mine will not miss me’. And besides I found myself bombarded with lots of different career offers then so I almost had to time to feel sorry for myself.
– In 2017, you were going to participate in Eurovision but it didn’t work, you are participating this year. How do you feel about this?
It takes a lot of time and effort to get ready to the contest just like it was last year. But I don’t see it as my second try. Its gonna be my debut, my first and most precious experience of the Eurovision Song contest.
 – What does Eurovision mean for you? 
It’s a very important step in my life and it’s a dream which I cherished literally since when I was a kid… a dream that is going to come true at last. I am very much excited.
– Your song is called “I Won’t Break” can you tell us more about it?
Well, I like the song very much. Its as strong as I am and it suits me even better than the last year song. I enjoy it not only as a performer but as a listener too. I would include a song like this in my favourites. The song teaches you to always listen to your heart as it is the road to happiness… no matter how hard your life is.
– What kind of feedbacks have you received about your song ?
Mostly positive ones. Especially from abroad. Some people didn’t like the song or the video though. Well, every person has his own preferences.
 – How was the song selection process?
I was offered to try several different new songs. I liked “I Won’t Break” more than others.
– What is the difference for you between your songs “Flame Is Burning” and “I Won’t Break”?
They sound absolutely different. Last year it was a romantic ballad and this one has a strong touch in it, it feels strong and it reflects my character and my nature much better.
– How is your performance going to be like on Eurovision stage, Is it possible for you to give some information?
I cant reveal it. Not yet. I can only say that we work on it very hard, the entire team is focused on the show and we’ll do our best.
– What is your favourite song in Eurovision history?
My favourite song is the winning Molitva performed by Marija Serifovich from Serbia in 2007. Its very powerfull.
– You last came to Mersin in Turkey for a festival in 2017. How did you find Turkey?
I was surprised to find that Mersin is so well equipped and friendly to the needs of people on wheelchairs – a lot of accessible pavements with dropped curbs and lifts. I was impressed as you don’t find this high level of accessibility everywhere.
 – What do you want to say to our followers?
I wish good luck to all of you! Always go forward and never give up! I wish you to enjoy every moment of this contest, every single song! Don’t be afraid to have dreams because I know for sure – they are bound to come true!

Yours Julia, with love!

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