We did an interview with Elina Nechayeva who will represent Estonia in Eurovision!
– Can you just talk about yourself?
I’m a classically trained singer and everything I do on the stage; I do with passion. My main goal is really to bring joy and happiness to people with my singing. I hope that my music evokes positive emotions and even might ‘heal’ someone in some way.

– Your song is called “La forza” can you tell us more about it?
La Forza is about real love that enlightens our way, gives us wings, takes us to the sky and gives us a real power so that we can even move mountains. It’s about universal love – love for children, love for parents, love for nature. It’s all these kinds of love.

– Why did you decide to sing in both Italian rather than fully singing in English or Estonian?
Because the Italian language is beautiful and melodic and it goes well with classical singing, I think that Italian is very poetic. Also, Ksenia and I both speak Italian – so that’s why we chose it!

– You are one of the favourites this year, What kind of feedback have you received?
I have received lots of beautiful supportive messages from all over Europe and the world. So, I will do my best and I will give all my love to the audience – I am already collecting the love from all over Europe!

– For you, what does it mean to win Eurovision?
I think the most important thing is for me to perform with my heart and soul. I hope that this will evoke great emotions from the audience, and awake something in the souls of the audience. So I hope to do my best, but it would be incredible to win!

– How many languages do you speak?
Five. Estonian, Russian, English, Italian and French!

– How do you prepare for Eurovision?
I’m just doing my usual things. Performing, singing and practicing. I’m also making sure to remember to rest and charge my batteries a little bit, because I tend to overwork myself. So I need to be in balance with work and rest.

– Did you find any chance to listen to the other songs, Did you like any of them?
So far, I have only heard each song once, but my favourites are from Georgia and Denmark. I love the voices of Iriao and think they sound beautiful and I think Rasmussen’s Viking anthem is really cool.

– What are your thoughts about Turkey, Is there any Turkish entry for Eurovision that you like?
Sadly, I have not been to Turkey yet, but I hope I can soon because I really like the culture and I really love Turkish art and pottery. I also love Turkish national music and I think the weather there must be really amazing!

As for a favourite song, that is a really hard question, but I think since it’s a fun and strange song about opera, I will say ‘Opera’ by Cetin Alp.

– The last question, what do you want to say to our followers?
My message is that in our society we should talk more about real love and real feelings. We need to be here and now – not in our smart phones but really here, connecting with each other and giving love. Love is the greatest power of all. This is what La Forza is all about and I hope you enjoy my song.

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