We had an interview with Saba, who will represent Denmark at Eurovision this year with her song “Sand”

-Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I was born and raised in the western Jutland town of Ringkøbing, sharing a loving family with y identical twin sister, we are both adopted from Ethiopia as infants at just 8 months old. I have worked as a model and photographer and a entrpreneur before entering the world of music. I am the first brown, queer female singer to represent Denmark at Eurovision – and that makes me proud.

-You played football at a very young age, did modeling, established a brand, and pursued acting. What led you to music, and how did your interest in music begin?
I have always liked music and liked singing. But in 2023 I had the opportunity to enter the world of music in a more central way by taking over the lead role in the musical “HAIR” from my twin sister, Andrea, who is a singer.

-How did you decide to participate in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix? Could you tell us a bit about this process?
For me, the starting point was that I wanted to represent Denmark as the first brown, queer female singer at Eurovision. I saw it as an opportunity to change a statistic and bring further diversity into the music festival. Additionally, I am driven by challenging myself creatively, and after my debut as a singer in the musical “Hair,” I wanted to take music to a greater extent.

-Could you tell us a bit about your song “Sand”? What is its story?
The song is about the feeling of losing control over life. About a relationship falling apart – or another important aspect of life suddenly disappearing without any control. I believe many can relate to the feeling of losing control – that sometimes things happen around you without any influence.

-Your performance at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was quite strong and successful. Can we expect the same performance at Eurovision, or will there be changes?
Much of what we did in Denmark, which we think worked really well. But we will of course optimize in various areas, using the opportunities that the big stage brings. Still, it will be simple, powerfull and only me on stage.

-What does Eurovision mean to you?
For me Eurovision is a great platform that brings nations together around music. It is about inclusion and diversity.

-How are you preparing for Eurovision?
Winning the Danish Melodi Grand Prix is a huge victory, not only for me personally but also for the people who feel mirrored in me and share my story. For the next couple of weeks I will attend a lot of Pre-parties in Europe where I got to meet a lot of the other participants. And of course we are praticing and preparing the act.

-Have you listened to this year’s songs? Do you have any favorites?
I think there are many good contributions. Especially France, Italy and Belgium. But if I must choose one, I think “Before the party’s over” by Mustii is a favourite at the moment”

-Finally, do you have a message for our followers?
Thank you for engaging and thank you for your support. I hope you will like my performance on the 9th of May in the semifinal 2.

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