We had an interview with the North Macedonia representer Tamara Todevska and she answered our questions.

– Can you talk us about yourself?

I have been performing since I was six years old and actually, one of the main reasons why I am doing what I am doing is because of Eurovision. I was six when I watched Carola win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991 and I remember telling my parents – one day I will be just like her. My whole life I have been surrounded by music. My mother is an opera singer at the National Opera and my father is a professor at the Academy of Music in Skopje. And I am sure most of you know my sister Tijana, who represented our country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song To the Sky.

– How did your Eurovision adventure begin? How did the offer come?

I had just given birth to my son when I got the invitation to represent my country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. I said immediately mostly because I feel that I am more mature now, more experienced and I got much more to say.

– Can you tell us something about the story behind “Proud”?

I am a mother of two: a three-year-old girl and a three-month-old boy. I know it sounds like a cliché, but they truly changed my life and I feel, both, as a mother and as a parent, that it is my responsibility and OUR responsibility to bring positive change to our children’s lives.

My whole life I have been told that I wasn’t girly enough, good enough, that I walked and acted like a man. Lower your head, put something sexy on, no one cares what you really think, they would say. You see, in their minds, I was just another lost girl.

Today, as I look at my daughter, I want her to grow up in a world where people will not judge her, tell her how to act, smile and move. I want her to know that she doesn’t have to follow the rules to be accepted. I want her to be whoever she wants to be and most importantly, be proud of who she is. That’s the least I can do for her.
I dedicate Proud to her and to everyone out there fighting for their dreams and living life to the fullest on their own terms.
Although many call it a feminist anthem Proud is a song for everyone that has been told to put their head down, to follow society rules that make no sense in the 21st century and to everyone embracing their greatness and believing in themselves, no matter what people around them say.
Through the song, I want to break these society rules and at least for one night in the year to show the world that I AM PROUD is always stronger than their YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH!

 – You have already participated in Eurovision 2008. How was your experience for you?

Being on that stage is the most magical moment that one singer can experience. When you think that so many amazing artists have graced that stage and you are one of them, it is simply unbelievable. I really cannot wait to perform again.

– In 2008, you were three people on stage. This time you will participate alone. Do you think this is an advantage for you?

I am never alone. I have a great team working with me and I have the most incredible backing vocalists. We are the dream team and we cannot wait to perform our song on May 16th.

– What is the difference between them if we compare Tamara in 2008 and 2019?

The only difference is that I am more ME now. I am more confident, wiser and more experienced and I got so much more to say.

Your sister Tijana has participated in Eurovision 2014 too. What kind of advice did she give you?

To have fun and that is what I am planning to do 😊

– What does “Eurovision” means for you?

Eurovision has been ever present in my life and to me, it is so much more than a music festival. Eurovision is all about accepting the different, defying the norms and being proud of who you are, just the way you are. Eurovision is that one night in the year when the entire continent comes together to celebrate boldness, bravery and individuality. It is the place where being different means being PROUD.

– What do you think about Turkey in Eurovision? Do you have any favorite song?

We miss Turkey at Eurovision – you have to come back. There have been so many amazing songs. I like the 1989 entry – a true classic. I also like Arzu Ece- Sev, Sertab’s song of course and Athena’s For Real is also one of my favorites.

– What do you want to say to our followers and the Turkish Eurovision fans?

Be proud of yourself and never hide your greatness.

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