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We had an interview with Serhat, who will represent San Marino once again this year. We talked about Eurovision and his song “Say Na Na’’, he answered our questions.

– Your song “I Didn’t Know” entered the Billboard charts, even in Mexico. What do you think about this?

These achievements show how good song ‘’I Didn’t Know’’ is.  Even though I have heard many criticisms before the Eurovision Song Contest, I mean, I was not mistaken for the song selection. Sometimes it takes time for a song to be accepted. But the important thing is the result.

– How was your experience in Eurovision 2016?

The competition in 2016 was an experience for me with full of unforgettable memories.  Maybe I was tired, but when I look back today, I can say that I’m very happy to participate. Also my experience in 2016 has a very high contribution to this year’s contest of course.

– How does it feel to represent San Marino as a Turk?

As a Turk, it is a great honor to be commissioned by San Marino, the world’s oldest democracy. And also, without
Turkey’s participation, It’s very great opportunity to take Turkish flag to the stage in this big event. I am responsible for both countries and I am proud of it.

– What did you feel about the offer for Eurovision 2019?

When the offer came, I said I would go to the competition again If I have a great song. That time, my full album’s preparation was about to end and I was very busy because of this. Also at that time, I was in Cologne. I thought that why I can’t write the song right after the phone and the infrastructure of the song appeared in the streets of Cologne in 5 minutes. That was an inspiration. I wrote that song just for the competition. I called them back and I said the song’s ready. It was a great surprise on the phone. This is the process and creation of Say Na Na Na.

– Could you tell us the story behind “Say Na Na Na”?

“Say Na Na Na” is a song that embraces the whole world. It aims to give happiness and hope. Isn’t that what we’re looking for and what we want to have in life?  I’m try to tell we’re all heroes, in the song. It’s really like this. The story of human life is already a heroic story. That’s why the song can touch everyone’s life.

– How will your stage performance at Eurovision? What are you planning?

I don’t like cliches on stage performance. I’d love to go out with the great staff, but the rules allow up to six people. It will be a modern, energetic and warm performance.

– Have you had the opportunity to listen to this year’s songs, do you have any favourites?

I watched the music videos of the songs.  Music video and stage are different things. They’re all nice songs. But before the rehearsals start, I can’t make any comments.

– Which is your favorite song in Eurovision history of Turkey?

My favourite one is ‘’Seninle Bir Dakika’’ by Semiha Yankı which is our first Eurovision song. As you can see, even if a song came last, it doesn’t make lose anything of its beauty.

– Unfortunately TRT does not participate in Eurovision anymore. We know you’re sorry about this, what do you want to say?

As I said during the press conference in Istanbul, Turkey is a powerful country that should be on every platform in the world. So I would very much like to join again in the near future.

– Finally, do you have a message for our followers and Eurovision fans who follow us from abroad?

As I said in my song, we are never alone and there is a light waiting for us at the end of every dark path. So let’s celebrate life together.


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