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We had an interview with the representer of Switzerland, Luca Hänni who was acclaimed for his song and dance “She Got Me”.  We asked our questions to the young singer and he answered us.

– How was your talent discovered?

For me it was clear very early, that I want to do something with music in my life. I have been in drums lessons in kindergarten. Now I’m very happy to be able to do my dream job and people are supporting me and like my music. Winnig “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” was a great honor and allowed me to make more professional music.

– You won the competition “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2012. How was this experience for you?

It was a great experience, where I was able to learn a lot and meet great people…

– How did the Eurovision process begin? Can you tell us a little bit?

In 2017 I already had the pleasure as spokesperson to give points for songs and to judge performances as a juror. As participant at ESC it’s the first time for me.

 – Could you please tell us the story behind “She Got Me”?

Every person needs someone who makes them happy and gets the best out of them, that’s what the song means to me.

– You are one of the favorite countries this year, what do you think about it? Were you expecting such nice reactions?

I’m so thankful about these great reactions to me and my song, which I didn’t expect like this.

– What do you think about Turkey, do you have any favorite Eurovision song?

I really like the diversity this year’s artists. I like calm and smooth songs, but also quicker ones. The Netherlands and Cyprus are two of my favorites this year. Of course I also love Turkish songs.

– Your song is also very popular in Turkey. Do you have a message for our followers here?

Hello everyone, I’m so thankful for your support I hope to see you there at the ESC and I would love to come to Turkey once.

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