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We had an interview with KAZKA that one of the finalists of the national final of Ukraine (Vidbir).

– Can you tell us about yourself?

Hello! We are KAZKA band from Ukraine. Sasha, Nikita and Dima, who are very fond of music and have dedicated our lives to it!

– How did you come together?

Not overnight! First, about a year and a half ago, Sasha and Nikita met. Together under the leadership of our devoted mentors of MAMAMUSIC company, we created the KAZKA band. And after a couple of months, Dima joined us. So we began to write our common fairy tale for three.

– Where the idea came from to participate in Selection?

We just want to introduce the whole world to our faity tale! And Eurovision is an excellent platform for the realization of our cherished wish.

– You participated in Selection in 2018 and became 6th. How was your experience?

This performance wasn’t successful for us. But it’s important that it didn’t stop us. We worked for a whole year, gained experience and are now ready to try our strength again in the National Selection.

– What makes you participate in Selection again this year?

Our goals haven’t changed. But we have changed, our experience, our motivation and confidence.

– You have many support messages written to you. What do you want to say about this?

It inspires and gives strength, no matter what, to move forward and go towards your goals. We aren’t tired of thanking our listeners for such colossal tangible and very important support!

– Can you tell us about your song “Apart”?

This is a special song. This is our manifesto to the audience. We call for love, despite the stereotypes and fears; despite appearances and social differences. To love in spite of everything, but most importantly – with all your heart.

– What are you planning for stage and Eurovision if you win Selection this year?

We prefer to lay out cards on the table when it’s our turn to make a move!

– What do you think about Turkey?

The love of Ukraine and Turkey is known since the time of Roksolana and Suleiman I the Magnificent. And we are not going to change traditions.

– There are a lot of people that support you in Turkey, do you have any messages for them?

We hear / see / read your every review. We love you and really look forward to meeting you!


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