We made an interview with Katerine Duska, who is highly acclaimed for her powerful voice and song! Katerine will sing “Better Love” for Greece this year. We asked her the some questions and the young star answered us!

– Can you talk about yourself to us?

My name is Katerine Duska and I will be representing Greece in this years ESC in Tel Aviv. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and moved to Greece with my family when I was 16 years old. I started studying law but eventually pursued my passion for music. After uploading my first demo on Youtube, I was discovered by Minos EMI/ Universal Records.

 – How was your voice discovered?

It was when I uploaded my first song “One in A Million” back in 2013 on Youtube.

– As we know, you born in Canada and live in Greece. Has your experience in Canada had an impact on your career or education? Can you tell us what are these impacts?

It definitely has. Canada makes you feel safe, and stable. I feel blessed to have grown up there and gone to a great school which helped shape my social sensibilities. I love the fact that it’s multicultural and vast. The nature is beautiful and neat. I carry both cultures with me, they have both equally shaped me. I grew up in a home full of greek music but really found myself in r&b pop, soul and jazz. My sound is definitely a lot more western.

– Too many people think that your voice really like Amy Winehouse. What do you think about this?

I think it’s an insane honor! One can only hope to have half the impact Amy’s music has had on the world.

– Can you tell us about the story behind “Better Love”?

There was initially an idea, a while back, to co-write a song with Leon of Athens, whom I really admire as a songwriter and as a person, for one of our albums. When the proposal came, we finally got to it alongside David Sneddon, with whom I have wanted to work with since Lana del Rey’s ‘National Anthem’, a song he has co-written. I had pitched another two tracks of mine to ERT but felt really strongly about ‘Better Love’. I’m glad ERT felt the same way about it.

The song refers to the eternal quest for a higher love, one that is deep and unapologetic and that is at once an embrace and an invitation. It’s a tender song with a fighting spirit about a word we often use, but at times, overlook the significance it carries. As others might try to dictate our intentions and dreams, I wanted this song to act as a call to honestly love whomever you love.

– Your music video is very successful. Could you tell us about your music video?

It was the most fun I’ve had shooting a video. I feel lucky and blessed to have worked with such an incredible team. I think the main ingredient behind anything successful is a powerhouse team. The video is directed by Efi Gousi who is a very unique visual storyteller. Efi is also an incredible photographer and always delivers captivating images. I love how there is a tender yet dynamic call for action in this video and of course a very strong female identity.

– How does it feel to represent Greece in Eurovision?

It’s such a special experience, it really stands on its own. It’s incredibly exciting and a little frightening all at once, when you’re exposed to an audience of hundreds of millions. It’s a huge honour and hopefully I can make my country and my fans proud.

– Did you follow Eurovision before? Do you have any favorite song?

I first started following Eurovision when I moved to Europe as it wasn’t broadcasted in Canada. My favourite would have to be Salvador Sobral. Highly inspirational. I really think that his performance was a game changer.

– Do you have any favorite Turkish entry in Eurovision?

Sertab! She rocked that stage!

– What do you want to say to our followers and the Turkish Eurovision fans?

Thank you all so much for your support! I have had Turkish fans listening to my music and supporting me since my very first steps, even prior to my Esc entry. It really means so much to me. I can’t wait to visit and tour in Turkey.

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