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We had an interview with the Moldova representer Anna Odobescu and she answered our questions.

– Can you talk about yourself to us?

Since I was a child I adore music and I have been dreaming to become not only a famous singer, but also a professional one. I am ambitious, with a good doze of self criticism and perfectionist. I’m married and a have a two-year old son who’s my best achievment in my life.

– How did you start your career?

I have been singing since I was little and I can’t imagine life without music. I graduated from the music college at the department of jazz and singing, at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, then I did the Master Degree. I have participated in many international contests. I’m teaching canto.

– How did you decide to participate in O Melodi Pentru Europa?”

A team of Greek and Sweedish musicians had sent me several songs, amongst which was “Stay”. I liked it a lot and had decided to participate at the selection for Eurovision especially with this song.

– Your song is called “Stay” can you tell us more about it?

“Stay” is a ballad.It’s a love song that perfectly fits my voice.

– How  does it feel to represent Moldova at Eurovision?

It’s a huge responsibility, since I represent the country, that believes in you and in your strength. It’s a great honor for me and I’m very excited about that, when I confess that it is not just a dream.

– How do you prepare for Eurovision?

Recently we’ve been filming the video for it. Now we are hardly working on the song, show and outfits. I would like the details to be kept as secret for the moment, so that to have the chance to surprise in a good way the public.

– Did you find any chance to listen to the other songs, Did you like any of them?

Yes, of course. All competitors are very good. I have more favorites, but I would prefer not to divulge it at the moment.

– What is your favourite song in Eurovision history?

Loreen – Euphoria

– What do you think about Turkey? Do you have a favorite Turkish Eurovision song?

It’s a regret that Turkey is not in the contest for a while, but I hope it will get back soon. I like the entry of Mor ve Ötesi with the “Deli” song in 2008.

The last question, what do you want to say to our followers and the Turkish Eurovision fans?

I would like to send great greetings to all my friends in Turkey who listen to the beautiful and quality music and I hope that I will ever get on the stage in Turkey.


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