The EBU is considering a change in the voting system

The EBU Is consIderIng to change the votIng system

Toñi Prieto, TVE’s entertainment director and one of the leading people of the Spanish Eurovision delegation recently gave an interview about the plans and projects for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in The Netherlands. 

Toñi gave some details about how the Spanish song and staging will be created and how they selected Blas Cantó, this years Spanish representative. 

During the interview he also mentioned that the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) is considering to change the voting system of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Toñi states:

“The EBU is considering taking a turn to the voting. They are thinking and talking with the delegations to know how we see it and if we only should have a jury, or only an audience voting.”

The EBU is in discussions with the broadcasters for potential voting changes at the competition, according to Toñi.

However Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest announed after the final of the 2019 competition that there are no plans to change the voting system.

It is however possible that some broadcasters applied to change the voting system of the competition as there were mistakes in the jury voting in recent years. 

The EBU didn’t confirm anything officially yet.

Are you happy wIth the current votIng system? How Is your Ideal votIng method? Tell us In the comments sectIon below.
Photo by: Andres Putting

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