Director general of RTCG denies Montenegro’s Eurovision withdrawal

Montenegro’s EurovIsIon partIcIpatIon stIll remaIns uncertaIn

Montenegro’s Eurovision withdrawal made many fans upset in the last few days. But there is still hope. 

In the last few days, many Eurovision fan sites, including reported that Montenegro withdrew from the competition in 2020 because of financial reasons. 

However Bozidar Sundic, CEO and Director General of RTCG has denied the news to, stating:

“I do not know who provided this information, but it cannot be accurate and official because we cannot talk about Eurovision before the RTCG Council decision. The Director-General cannot make that decision on his own, but he orders the Council at whose session it is formally decided on.”

Bozidar Sundic expects that the council will meet in a few days. 

The official list of the participating countries of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest is expected to be released within this month. 

Do you thInk that Montenegro Is goIng to wIthdraw? Tell us In the comments sectIon below.

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