American Song Contest will debute in 2021

The EurovIsIon Song Contest gets a new famIly member: the AmerIcan song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is expanding to the US market. During the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest it was announced that the EBU is working on a Eurovision Song Contest for the American market. This becomes reality as it seems as Christer Björkman gave more details about the debute of the competition in the new “Mellopodden” podcast.

Therefore producers will try to bring the American Song Contest to the US market in 2021. Christer Björkman states:

“We use a lot of the same theories as in Sweden, Mellotänket. It should be a mix of new stars and established artists. The difference of the competition to the rest in the US market will be that the artists will sing new songs instead of covers. Of course, the competitions from the other music shows on television are great. But competitions like the American Idol are getting old and watered down.”

Christer Björkman also announced that each state will compete against each other:

“Yes every state will send one entry. What is interesting is that the states usually have a pretty clear musical identity and the neighboring states as well. We will get different genres automatically.”

After Melodifestivalen 2020 the producers – including Christer Björkman – will meet different broadcasters in the USA. Christer told that big broadcasters already showed interest in the competition.

What do you thInk about the amerIcan song contest? Tell us In the comments sectIon below.

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