Eurovision participation to be discussed in the parliament?

Eurovision participation to be discussed in the Turkish parliament!

The Turkish Eurovision participation may be discussed in the parliament as deputy Ayhan Barut from the opposition party CHP proposed the matter to the parliament.

The official proposal states: “Is it true that the Turkish participation is blocked by the government? Is the general director of TRT being put under pressure on this? Are the complaints of TRT about the voting system true? One of the most exciting nights of our public was the Eurovision Song Contest in which we participated since 1975. Everyone was sitting with their families and enjoyed the show each year and supported our act. TRT blocks this joy of our public since 2013”

The full proposal also criticizes TRT‘s complaints about not taking part and also criticizes not fulfilling the dream of the Turkish public with which TRT can exist (with their taxes).

The chief advisor of the president will now review the proposal.

The Eurovision participation of Turkey was discussed at the parliament back in 2012 too.
Photo by: TRT

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