We had interview with AWS

We did an interview with AWS who will represent Hungary on Eurovision!

- Can you just talk about yourself?
Yes, of course we can. We are a five-piece band from the Hungarian capital Budapest, playing modern metal. The core members of AWS started out on their musical journey as teenagers
in 2006. Our music is a tool for expressing a wide range of emotions ranging from extreme anger to exalted joy. We do our utmost to bring good music, thoughts and real emotions back to the ears, hearts and minds of our audience.

- How did AWS come together?
We went to the same school and loved music so it seemed obvious that we need to form a band.

- The name of the group is interesting. Can you explain what AWS stands for?
It means Awesome Whale Shower. While serving as marines in the navy, we saw a fata morgana which had the shape of an awesome showering whale. (laughs)

- How did your Eurovision adventure begin?
We simply had a new song and we sent it to A Dal 2018, which is the Hungarian pre-selection show for the Eurovision. We just wanted to show ourselves to more Hungarian people and unexpectedly won the contest.

- Your song is called “Viszlát nyár” can you tell us more about it?
It’s about dealing with death and the loss of our loved ones. We think we should care about this more. Death is considered to be a sad thing and we try our best to avoid speaking of it. But when one of our loved ones die, it’s quite a shock and we don’t know how to handle it. We think that we could use the time that was given to us much more wisely if we would pay more attention to the fact that our lives will be over once.

- Why did you decide to sing in both Hungarian rather than fully singing in English?
We wanted to perform our song in its original form. We think it’s important to keep the Hungarian lyrics so it can be heard just the way it was written in the beginning. However there’s a plan to translate the song to English later, but we will perform it in Hungarian at the ESC.

- How do you prepare for Eurovision?
We rehearse a lot and organize many things from recording vocals, making an acoustic version of the song to planning the stage design or giving interviews. We have so many things to do before getting on the plane to Lisbon.

- It is early to ask this but did you find any chance to listen to the other songs, Did you like any of them?
Yes, there are some great songs this year.

- Turkey not participate to the contest since 2013. Do you have any favorites amongst Turkish entries?
It isn’t a Eurovision song but we like Tarkan’s Kiss Kiss very much. (laughing)

- The last question, what do you want to say to our followers and the Turkish Eurovision fans?

We should have a nice conversation. Half of our vocabulary is mutual, and we are looking forward to find out those words that both of us know. (laughing)

Yorum Gönder

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